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                       RON                                 CHRIS                       MAURICIO                       PAUL




Ron Basci, Executive Producer, Writer. Decades of experience as a writer, public affairs professional and producer have provided Ron with the expertise required to successfully complete the Freddy project. He wrote and produced the internationally acclaimed short film, The First Responder, and his An Immigrant Remembers documentary short was aired nationally. His company is Promenade Productions, LLC.

Christopher Robert Thompson, Executive Producer, Writer.  Chris  grew up in western New York and is a graduate of SUNY Fredonia State with a BA in Theatre Arts. He has been doing film work in New York ever since his arrival twenty years ago. He has had major roles in: The First Responder, Agency L&F,  Lost in Russia. Dead Reckoning, Jefftown, and Please Don’t Take Me There.   Freddy  marks his producing debut.

Mauricio Soto, Director of Photography. Mauricio was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. He studied film and television production at the University of Westminster, in London.  After graduation Mauricio moved to NY where he freelanced in the film, tv, print and web industries in various production capacities.   He has worked his way up to numerous gigs as a producer, editor and director of photography. Mauricio worked with Ron and Chris on The First Responder short film.  

Paul Sladkus, Music Consultant. Paul is a veteran producer and television executive. Growing up in a musically proficient family, Paul is a master at composition, performance and various instruments.  An over four decades long career has Paul working on over 150 shows and series for CBS and PBS, including: All In The Family, The Carol Burnet Show and The Nature Series. Paul wrote and performed the music for The First Responder, and is a long time team member.

Edward C. (Ted) Kramer, Legal Counsel. (not shown) No serious professional production should be without competent legal representation and Ted is among the best. He has worked closely with Ron for nearly forty years and with Promenade Productions since it was created.