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 Freddy is a comedic web series about the lives of an out of work actor and his ex-actor, now therapist friend, Charlene (Charly).  Although he tries awfully hard, Freddy doesn't have much luck in securing acting employment. To continue to pay his rent, our hero has determined to take whatever part time positions he can get, always hoping for his "Big Break". On the other hand Charly has been much more practical. You see, after trodding the audition trail for years, she decided to expend her boundless energy on work that might actually result in an income.  She took an internet course, and now proudly displays her diploma as a duly qualified therapist. 



We follow the professional and personal relationships of these long-time friends as they navigate through the ever changing landscape of our times. Will Freddy ever succeed in finding happiness- personally or work-wise?... Or will Charly eventually drive him a little more crazy than he actually is?

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